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Foundation Stage and KS1 Meeting

Today the FS and KS1 Eco-Council met for the second time.  In the first meeting in October the children were awarded with their badges and then they spent some time getting to know each other. They also talked about the litter rota and decided to start collecting litter at break times straight away.  Today Katie told us that at Brownies they had collected old school jumpers which were to be used as bedding for rescued hedgehogs.  We thought that was a great idea so we watched a clip about hedgehogs telling us why they are endangered and how you can help them in your garden.  We then made posters to be displayed around school which tell everyone that we want to collect old school jumpers and cardigans to ‘help the hedgehogs.’  We will let you know how we go on.

Mitsubishi Electric Eco-School of the Year Award

On Friday 3rd of November Mrs Martin and Mrs Thompson were honoured to be asked to attend the Wigan Warriors Community Foundation awards dinner in order to receive the Mitsubishi Electric Eco-School of the Year Award on behalf of all the children at Mab’s Cross School. During the course of the evening a number of people commented on how the assessors were impressed by the commitment that the children had shown to their Eco-School work. Congratulations everyone and keep it up!

The Italian Gardens cont.

As the weeks have gone by we are already at the half way stage of our current cooking class run. Over the last two weeks we have created twists on two British classics with a sweet and tangy Nectarine and Amaretti Crumble and Tarragon Chicken and Tuscan Fries.

The Italian Gardens

Welcome back to a new year in The Kitchen. This term our cooks will be looking to create a range on traditional Italian mains and deserts. This week we created a tomato based Ragu containing a range of locally sourced vegetables.

Eco Council and School Council Representatives 2017

This week all classes will be electing School and Eco Council representatives. If you are interested in representing your class please let your teacher know and think of some reasons why you would be a good representative.

Mrs Martin and Miss Roberts will be leading the FS/ KS1 meetings and Miss Brown and Mr Clarke will be leading the KS 2 meetings. The first task will be to produce our new Eco-Code to be displayed in every classroom.





Green Flag Assessment

At the end of the summer term we were once again awarded our Green Flag. The assessor was very impressed by the amount of work everyone had put into their environmental work. She said, “Inspirational and articulate students who clearly cared deeply about their Eco-Schools work; this was a school which had fully embraced the Eco-Schools ethos and taken on board all the requirements needed for the Seven Steps. Given that the school was carrying out projects for all nine topics, the impact they have had is astounding and is a credit to the whole school community. I will also be incorporating some of the schools’ project work into the Eco-Schools International twinning project as an example of exceptional practice.”

Well done Mab’s Cross you should be really proud of this achievement. Keep up the excellent work this year.

Final Time in The Kitchen

This week marked the end of this year’s classes in The Kitchen. As a final treat we created chilli chocolate cupcakes using ingredients all from Fairtrade sources.

I have been very impresssed by the products all the chefs have completed this year as we have travelled across America, delved into the Great British baking tent and experience the diversity of India. Check back next September to see where our culinary journey takes us.

Helping Hands – Supporting the Homeless

This year the children have been working on projects that support our community: one of these was building and planting our Veg Trugs.

This week, Mr. Walsh’s cooking club have been picking veg and making soup with it!

This was collected by a homeless outreach charity, and was taken away to help feed homeless people in our community.

Thanks to Mrs. Pennington for arranging and liaising with the charity, and the Year six children for kindly cooking the delicious soup.

Helping Hands – The Brick Collection and Visit

I would like to begin by saying a huge thank you on behalf of the Brick and all the staff at Mab’s Cross – we collected over 800 hundred food items in the end, which topped up the stores in the food bank very nicely.

When we arrived, we were greeted by two workers from The Brick, Shona and Charlie (Charlie was an ex-student of ours!), and taken to the food store.

We delivered all of our bags into the store, and then helped them to stock the shelves. We had to check dates to ensure that everything was given out at the right time, and then sort them into crates by type of food.

As you can see from the photos, the crates and shelves filled up considerably over the course of the hour we were there. We even topped up their supplies of carrier bags as we unloaded! Shona and Charlie helped the children stock the shelves, and told them all about why the food was sorted like this as well as what would go into an average 3-day package.

The food that we have collected would apparently last around 3-4 days, depending on how many families visited the centre – this means that any further donations would be extremely welcome. In fact, as we were leaving, Shona left to go on her rounds collecting from local food bank donation points and supermarkets.

The experience was very enlightening, and quite humbling to be honest. It gave me a real sense of how lucky we all are. I will certainly be supporting The Brick further in future.

Please have a look at the gallery below to see how much of a difference your donations have made. Once again, I would like to thank all those that donated.

Mr. Clarke, Eco-Schools team member

Helping Hands – ‘The Brick Project’

This year, the school has committed to work on a community project, ‘Helping Hands’. This is a part of the school’s work on its Eco-School Green Flag Award.

This term we will be collecting food to help support a local charity, ‘The Brick Project’. This charity helps local people who are homeless, facing poverty or are struggling with debt. Charities such as this have had to work hard over the last few years: the Trussell Trust (a similar charity) estimates that is gave out 1.2 million food parcels in 2016.

At the moment, The Brick Project’s food bank stores are running low, and we would like to help them. Part of the work Mab’s Cross does through Helping Hands is support local people and help those in our community. On Friday, we will be collecting food to help replenish the stocks of The Brick’s food bank. We would be very grateful if you could donate:

  • Tinned meats
  • Tinned vegetables
  • Dried foods such as pasta and noodles
  • Jars of sauces, such as bolognaise or pasta sauce

Can you please ensure that the foods still have a long shelf life if you are taking them from home, as the charity will be able to keep these foods in their stores. Please do not send in any perishable foods as they will not last long in the food bank stores.

Although the food bank does collect fruit and vegetables from supermarkets, we will not be collecting them as the food will be in school over the weekend.

However, on the day we will cut some vegetables from our Veg Trugs—the work the PSA did a few weekends ago has paid off, as they are looking fabulous at the side of the school, and are overflowing with vegetables!

Hopefully we can continue our work in the community and make a difference in the area.

Thank you for your support,